SweeperCalc is a Gen VI 6v6 damage calculator. It is primarily used during online competitive battles as a resource for determining how much damage you can do to your opponents and vice versa. SweeperCalc is useful because it provides a visual overview of all damage calculations by all Pokemon in the battle (and is much more efficient than looking at the calculations manually in a 1v1 calculator). SweeperCalc enables you to import your team as well as select Common Sets which can be used to predict what moves your opponent may have (statistically speaking, your opponent will run the most common set). SweeperCalc is also a great tool for team building in the case of looking at Pokemon sets that bReakMyTeam does not include.

bReakMyTeam is a Gen VI team building calculator. It enables you to input your team and ‘break its team’ by displaying the top counters or sweepers to your team. There are two modes: bReakMyTeam which shows the opposing Pokemon that can best attack all your Pokemon, and WallMyTeam, which shows the opposing Pokemon that can best wall all your Pokemon. bReakMyTeam uses a similar colouring style to SweeperCalc to visually display the results of the calculations in a table format.

Quick Start

You can import your team straight away if it is in Pokemon Showdown format!

Select your entire team and copy it from Pokemon Showdown.

Click the import button.

Paste your team and click Import to Target Team.

The table will then load if there are no issues with the import.

The Table

The table displays a lot of data so it can be pretty daunting to view at first. We'll cover some features that might not be apparant.

The Cell

The move picked by bReakMyTeam for each threat is the one that does the most damage to its target.

In this example, Exploud's Focus Blast hits Tyranitar hardest out of all its moves and hence, is the move shown.

Threat Ordering

The threats to your team are listed by the sum of its damage against your team, with a max of 100% against each individual Pokemon.

For example, a Pokemon which 1HKOs 2 pokemon on your team has a score of 200 and a Pokemon which does 45% damage to all pokemon on your team would have a score of 270. A Pokemon which can 1HKO your entire team would score 600.

Outspeed Triangles

The triangles in the top right of a cell indicate that the attacking threat is faster than the defending threat.

In this example, Exploud outspeeds Tyranitar but is outsped by Genesect.


Click on a cell and you'll see the damage calculations for the entire moveset of the offensive Pokemon.

Text Output

Click on a cell and you'll see the standard text output for that calculation.

Display Modes

Verbose Mode

Verbose Example

Verbose Mode is the default output mode. It shows min damage, max damage and the move name.

Percent Mode

Percent Example

% Mode shows the max damage of the highest damaging move.

Visual Mode

Visual Example

Visual mode only displays the cell colour and the speed triangle.

Dual Mode

Dual Mode

By default, bReakMyTeam only displays the damage that the threat does to the target pokemon.

If Dual Mode is selected, bReakMyTeam will also display the damage that the target does


Boosted Mode

Boosted mode gives 1 stage of boosts to threats that have boosting moves.

For example, Dragonite will receive +1 attack and +1 speed from Dragon Dance.


Priority Mode

Priority mode changes the default output to show a priority move if the Pokemon is slower.

The Pokemon's other moves are still shown in the popover when the cell is clicked.


Outspeed Selector

The Outspeed selector specifies the minimum number of target Pokemon that the threat must outspeed.

For example, if 3 is selected, a threat must outspeed at least 3 Pokemon in the target team otherwise it will not be included in the output list


Doubles Mode

Setting the doubles mode reduces the power of spread moves by 25% and reduces the effectiveness of Light Screen and Reflect.

Selecting VGC mode automatically activates Doubles mode.

The Level selector changes all Pokemon to the indicated level.

Damage proportions are different at different levels.


Light Screen reduces damage from special attacks by 50%.

Reflect reduces damage from physical attacks by 50%.

The left side corresponds with the threats and the right side corresponds with the target team.

Trick Room

Trickroom reverses speed calculations.


Weather changes the typing of Weather Ball

Solar Beam does half damage in Rain, Sand and Hail.

Sun increases the damage of Fire type moves by 50%, reduces Water type moves by 50% and activates Chlorophyll for speed calculations.

Rain increases the damage of Water type moves by 50%, reduces Fire type moves by 50% and activates Swift Swim for speed calculations.

Sand increases the Special Defense of Rock type Pokemon by 50% and activates Sand Force and Sand Rush.

Hail has no additional effects